Amsterdam Water Science offers two Master courses.

MSc Hydrology

The programme is offered by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and focuses on the hydrological system and its societal impacts: climate change, floods, drought, water pollution. 

As one of the highest scoring programmes in the Netherlands, the MSc Hydrology received the predicate 'top-opleiding'. The programme offers a unique fieldwork course and teaches students to use field measurements to tackle water management issues and estimate economic impacts from changes in hydrology. 

MSc Hydrology Top opleiding

MSc Hydrology: top ranking programme

MSc Freshwater and Marine Biology

The programme is coordinated by the University of Amsterdam and focuses on a better understanding and protection of the world's lakes, seas, and oceans.

The MSc Freshwater and Marine Biology covers the biology, chemistry and physics of aquatic ecosystems. This multidisciplinary track is an advanced study focusing on freshwater ecosystems (limnology) as well as on marine ecosystems (oceanography).

Admission requirements

Both programmes have specific admission requirements. For more information on these requirements, please follow the links below: 

Career prospectives

Becoming a graduate of MSc Hydrology or MSc Freshwater and Marine Biology will broaden the knowledge and help increase the chances in future job prospectives in the fields of academia, consultancy, NGO, government, water authorities, industry, international organizations.

Published by  IBED Water

20 June 2017