About us

Amsterdam Water Science is a water research collaboration between VU Amsterdam and University of Amsterdam.

Collaboration UvA and VU.

From river to ocean

Amsterdam Water Science is a unique programme focusing on water sciences in the Netherlands. It is an interdisciplinary programme on the biological, chemical and physical processes in water systems (marine life, water quality, flooding and droughts) and societal aspects of water management (economics, governance, legislation). One of the topics of interest in this research programme is how extremes influence society and what measures government and the private sector can take in order to manage the quality of water, flood risks and water shortages.

Natural and social sciences

The programme combines natural sciences such as aquatic ecology, oceanography, ecohydrology and meteorology with social sciences such as water economics and water governance. Research currently takes place across a wide range of international research projects in collaboration with leading universities in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia, and is funded through 14 major research grants (ERC and NWO Vici, Vidi & Veni).

Amsterdam: testing ground for research and education

Amsterdam Water Science's philosophy is to interweave research projects with degree programmes and to initiate research together with stakeholders in the Amsterdam region. The city of Amsterdam and its water-rich surrounding areas will serve as a testing ground for research and education. The programme has access to a number of state-of-the-art laboratories and measurement programs that use sensors in satellites and drones, and participates in a variety of Bachelor's and Master's programmes in biology, earth sciences and water sciences. The investment in sustainable collaboration with institutions in the Amsterdam region will also enhance students' career prospects.

Research partners

The main research partners are VU University Amsterdam (Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences) and the University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Science, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics). They have the opportunity to develop a coherent research and degree programme in collaboration with research institutions, government agencies and businesses in the Amsterdam area. Amsterdam Water Science has received start-up capital from the Amsterdam Academic Alliance (AAA).

Published by  IBED Water

9 May 2017