Steering Committee

The Amsterdam Water Science steering committee consists of representatives of both VU and UvA partners.

Jeroen Aerts-foto-Tom-Feenstra

Prof. Jeroen Aerts, IVM - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Climate extremes and water risks are increasing, but can be managed if we act now !

Jef Huisman-foto-Tom-Feenstra

Prof. Jef Huisman, IBED-AMB, Universiteit van Amsterdam

There are more toxic cyanobacteria in our lakes than stars in our galaxy.

Han Dolman-foto-Tom-Feenstra

Prof. Han Dolman, Earth and Climate Cluster, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

AWS: from a broad range of issues to an in-depth science !

Pim de Voogt-foto-Tom-Feenstra

Prof. Pim de Voogt, IBED-AEE, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Hans de Moel-foto-Tom-Feenstra

Dr. Hans de Moel, IVM - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Coordinator MSc. Hydrology

Every big flood disaster has something surprising we can learn from.

Petra Visser-foto-Tom-Feenstra

Dr. Petra Visser, IBED-AMB, Universiteit van Amsterdam Coordinator MSc track Freshwater and Marine Biology

Published by  IBED Water

18 November 2016