AWS Interviewers

Our AWS students are actively involved in supporting a broad range of AWS activities.

Anjelika Romeo-Hall

Anjelika is currently pursuing her master's in Earth Sciences at the UvA with a minor in Science for Sustainability. She obtained her bachelor's in New York, USA from Cornell University with a degree in Natural Resources Management and a minor in Law.

She has worked in various areas of environmental management including energy consulting, water conservation, sustainable textile development, and water governance for the state of New York. She hopes to integrate her focus of resource management together with research in circular economy as a career aspiration.

AWS_Anjelika Romeo-Hall

Anjelika Romeo-Hall

Nadine Galle

Nadine is currently pursuing her master's in Earth Sciences at the UvA (IBED). For her master thesis, she completed fieldwork in southern Ethiopia where she focused on the macronutrient management of transitioning smallholder farms in partnership with Wageningen University. She obtained her bachelor's in Toronto, Canada from the University of Toronto with a double major in Environmental Studies and Biological Anthropology and a minor in Environmental Biology.

She is passionate about the ecosystem dynamics and resource flows within urbanised landscapes and is committed to understanding the coexistence of human and ecological processes to build better, more resilient cities.

Currently, Nadine works at Metabolic, an Amsterdam-based systems thinking and cleantech development firm, where she manages their educational and cleantech showcase facility at De Ceuvel.


Nadine Galle-AWS

Nadine Galle

Published by  IBED Water

27 May 2016