NKWK Conference on Water and Climate

Over 400 participants attended the 3rd NKWK Water and Climate conference that was held at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam on 11 April 2017. The conference was co-organised by Amsterdam Water Science and themed ‘New knowledge and opportunities’.

In developing the Netherlands as a climate resilient and robust delta, Amsterdam Water Science (AWS) and the Dutch National Knowledge and Innovation Programme for Water and Climate (NKWK) have similar objectives: to strengthen the connection between science, policy and business and to encourage joint projects in which knowledge is used in practice.

Video impression of the day:

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The one-day conference took place on Tuesday 11 April 2017 in Amsterdam. After a plenary programme, participants could join two rounds of six parallel sessions. All sessions focused on concrete cases and the connection between science, policy and business.

Petra Visser, assistant professor at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (University of Amsterdam), presented Amsterdam Water Science to the audience. AWS is a strong partner for NKWK. Visser: ‘There is a potential for cooperation in many of the research lines. Moreover, AWS students and researchers can literally apply their research in their own front yard, the waters in and around the Amsterdam. One example of such Living Labs is a study into whether the quagga mussel can help restrain cyanobacterial blooms  in the Sloterplas. In projects like these, AWS builds partnerships with Water Boards, government agencies and private sector companies. ‘

2017-NKWK Climate and Water Conference-Petra-Visser

Dr. Petra Visser

Amsterdam Water Science highlights

The strong potential for collaboration and links to practical applications of water research were further highlighted by the fact that four parallel sessions at the conference built on AWS postdoc and pilot research projects:

Two other parallel sessions were co-organised by AWS researchers: Session 1E ‘Waterdata en modellen: de nieuwste ideeën voor de toekomst!?’ (‘Water data and models: the latest ideas for the future!?), and Session 2E ‘Adaptatie in de stad met focus op kosten en baten’ (‘Adaptation in the city with a focus on costs and benefits’).

Information market

AWS was also present on the NKWK Information Market. The stand attracted many interested parties throughout the day, and new contacts were made that will receive follow-ups in the coming weeks. 


The third NKWK was organised by Amsterdam Water Science (UvA and VU), Rijkswaterstaat, KNMI and staff Delta Commissioner, in cooperation with NL Engineering, Delft University of Technology and University of Twente and other NKWK parties, such as STOWA and the Dutch water authorities.

NB. Entrance to the conference was free, but participants did need to register to join. The main language of the conference was Dutch.

NKWK conference partners

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4 July 2017