AWS Research Groups

Research within the Amsterdam Water Science is undertaken by different groups, with specialisation areas covering a great number of topics.

AWS research groups are directed by members of the departments from VU and UvA. They also include special chairs belonging to other institutions.

AWS groups

Aquatic Microbiology (UvA IBED-FAME) - Prof. Jef Huisman
Aquatic Environmental Ecology (UvA IBED-FAME, KWR) - Prof. Pim de Voogt
Computational Geo-Ecology (UvA IBED-CGE) - Prof. Willem Bouten
Earth and Climate Cluster (VU Amsterdam - Earth and Climate Cluster) - Prof. Han Dolman
Environmental Policy Analysis (VU Amsterdam - IVM) - Prof. Dave Huitema
Geography, Planning and International Development Studies (UvA - GPIO) and MARE - Prof. Maarten Bavinck
Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (UvA CSDS) - Prof. Joyeeta Gupta
Theoretical Ecology (UvA IBED-TE) - Prof. André de Roos
Water and Climate Risk (VU Amsterdam - IVM) - Prof. Jeroen Aerts
Earth Surface Science (UvA IBED-ESS) - Prof. Peter de Ruiter

Special chairs

Prof. Corina Brussaard (NIOZ and UvA)
Prof. Bart van den Hurk (KNMI and VU Amsterdam)
Prof. Jaap van der Meer (NIOZ and VU Amsterdam)
Prof. Eddy Moors (Alterra Wageningen UR and VU Amsterdam)
Prof. Lucas Stal (NIOZ and UvA)
Prof. Piet Verdonschot (Alterra Wageningen UR and UvA)
Prof. Dick Vethaak (Deltares and VU Amsterdam)

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4 May 2017