Jeroen Aerts appointed head of IVM

26 October 2015

The Earth and Life Sciences faculty board of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has appointed, as per 3 December 2015, Jeroen Aerts as director of the Institute of Environmental Studies (IVM).

Jeroen Aerts is a member of the management team of the IVM and head of the Water and Climate Risk Department.

Jeroen Aerts follows Jacob de Boer, whose mandate expires in December. Jacob de Boer became in 2012 Director of the IVM and has been deputy director since 2009. In recent years he led the IVM with very great commitment. Despite the recent difficult circumstances the institute had to deal with, Jacob de Boer managed to put the IVM on a new path towards a sustainable future.

Newly formed domain between IVM and IBED

Jeroen Aerts has been appointed as IVM portfolio manager of the newly formed domain Ecology, Earth and Environment (EEE) in which the departments of Earth Sciences, Ecology and part of the IVM (without Chemistry and Biology) explore further consolidation. Together with the Faculty of Science Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) at UvA, they investigate the development of a VU-UvA cooperation institute.

Published by  IBED Water