New fieldwork location for MSc Hydrology students

30 January 2016

A group of eight teachers from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and from the University of Amsterdam performed a field reconnaissance in January 2016 for a new fieldwork site in Luxembourg.

In the area of the Luxembourg town of Diekirch, the teachers visited a series of catchments and identified locations for the integrated field work course of six weeks that takes place in May 2016. A series of catchments still have weirs that can be turned back easily to their operation state. With additional ecohydrological and soil geohydrological investigations the students will get excellent practice in making hydrological observations in an environment with a clear varying geological substrate and different forms of land use. In the near future, the aim is to integrate this field work even more with the soil and geomorphology fieldwork of the UvA.

Published by  IBED Water