New VIDI grant at IVM for Dr Philip Ward

27 May 2016

Dr Philip Ward has been awarded a prestigious VIDI grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) to examine the socioeconomic impacts of compound river and coastal floods around the world.

In the past years, Dr Philip Ward has developed the world’s first global river flood risk model (GLOFRIS), and has recently co-developed a global coastal flood risk model. With the VIDI grant, Ward will examine the impacts for people, societies, and the economy, when coastal and river floods occur at the same time.

Ward: “A lot of the large flood disasters occur when both river and sea-levels are high – the resulting floods can be much worse than when these processes occur individually. For example, this was the case during the Bangkok floods of 2011, which led to billions of Euros of damage. This study will allow us to gain a much better understanding of how these so-called ‘compound floods’ can influence risk”.

The research will be carried out by Dr Ward and his team in the Global Water and Climate Riskprogramme of IVM’s Water and Climate Risk department. The grant will allow Dr Ward to extend his research team with two PhD students and a postdoctoral researcher.

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