New VIDI grant for IBED/UvA & Naturalis Leiden

23 June 2016

Katja Peijnenburg (IBED/UvA & Naturalis Leiden) received recently a VIDI grant for her research proposal "Evolution of planktonic gastropods in an acidifying ocean".

Katja Peijnenburg is a marine biologist working on the evolutionary ecology of marine zooplankton, especially pteropods (sea butterflies) which are very sensitive to ocean acidification. She recently received an NWO VIDI grant for her project:Evolution of planktonic gastropods in an acidifying ocean.
Sea butterflies, sea angels and sea elephants are special groups of snails that have adapted to life in the open ocean. However, oceans are now changing faster than ever, becoming warmer and more acidic. Peijnenburg will study whether these spectacular snails will be able to adapt, and whether they may lose their shells. Her project will be based at Naturalis.

For more information please access her personal page at Naturalis website.

Published by  IBED Water