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Research ship for Markermeer

8 June 2016

The quality of life in the Markermeer is poor: birds and fish are disappearing rapidly. The cause of this problem is not clear, simply because there is no possibility to do good research. A boat that is equipped with experimental setup for field research creates new opportunities for this research.

Markermeer under pressure

The Markermeer (Lake Marken) is a protected area of high natural value. However, it is poor in quality of life: birds and fish are disappearing rapidly.

To reverse the tide, numerous initiatives have been developed, but because it is not known how the system works, it is not clear whether these initiatives will have the desired result. Harm van der Geest, aquatic ecologist at the University of Amsterdam Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, and his colleagues want to raise money and buy a ship for field research.

"With a research vessel we can carry out safely field research and we may collect information to understand the system. Now it's strangely easier and safer to do research at sea than on the Markermeer. It must be another way!"


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Grand prize

The five most generous donors (minimum 750 euros) will receive a VIP place on board during the parade SAIL Amsterdam in 2020. You will sail along from IJmuiden to Amsterdam with great views of the majestic tall ships. A unique opportunity to take part in this great event!


For water sports and nautical companies, it is possible to contribute in cash or in kind. For more information about sponsorship opportunities please contact Harm van der Geest and follow Twitter: @EcologieMM

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