Ype van der Velde award winner

2 June 2016

Ype van der velde, Assistant Professor in Hydrology at Earth and Climate Cluster of the Earth and Life Sciences Faculty of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, won the MG Anderson Award for Outstanding Paper of the Year 2016. The prize was awarded during the EGU General Assembly held in Vienna, Austria between 17-22 April 2016.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 MG Anderson Award Outstanding Paper of the Year: Ype van der Velde and co-authors for their paper: "Consequences of mixing assumptions for time-variable travel time distributions"

In their paper they compare conceptualizations of increasing complexity with regards to mixing of water storages and evaluate how these assumptions influence time-variable travel time distribution (TTD) estimates for two catchments with contrasting climates: the Gårdsjön catchment in Sweden and the Marshall Gulch catchment in Arizona, USA. Their results highlight that, as long as catchment TTDs cannot be measured directly but need to be inferred from input-output signals of catchments, the inferred catchment TTDs depend strongly on the underlying assumptions of mixing within a catchment.

Publication details

van der Velde, Y, Heidbüchel, I, Lyon, SW, Nyberg, L, Rodhe, A, Bishop, K, and Troch, PA (2015),Consequences of mixing assumptions for time-variable travel time distributions. Hydrol. Process.,29, 3460–3474. doi: 10.1002/hyp.10372.

MG Anderson Outstanding Paper of the Year Award

This new award has been established to commend one outstanding paper every year (one per volume) for its contribution to the field of hydrological processes. The award is celebrateing Professor Malcolm Anderson’s role as the founder of Hydrological Processes and to acknowledge his important and long-lasting contributions to the journal, The award is not designed to honour the most cited paper, but will recognize originality, advancement to the field and likely exceptional influence on the community.



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