NWO grant for Dr Ko van Huissteden

7 July 2016

Earth scientist Ko van Huissteden, Assistant Professor in Hydrology at Earth and Climate Cluster of the Earth and Life Sciences Faculty of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has been awarded a NWO GO grant for his research proposal "Quantifying shallow and deep permafrost changes using radar remote sensing".

NWO GO  supports researchers that want to make use of international research facilities in outer space.

Ko van Huissteden receives a NWO GO for his project proposal "Quantifying shallow and deep permafrost changes using radar remote sensing".

Climate change thaws permafrost (permanently frozen soil) in the north of the Eurasian and North American continent. This leads to soil instability, threatening of the infrastructure in arctic regions and it accelerates the decomposition of organic matter in the soil, resulting in emissions of greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4). It now also appears that even deeper sources of methane unexpectedly begin to contribute to greenhouse gas emission. CH4 emissions hotspots have been detected in arctic lakes and a new phenomenon emerged: CH4 producing craters in Siberia. New technologies are needed to better identify these phenomena. Van Huissteden and his team will therefore test and improve innovative applications of radar satellite images. They will use different remote sensing techniques, such as radar interferometry (InSAR), complemented by geodetic and geophysical field research.

Ko van Huissteden in Siberia

Ko van Huissteden looking for the depth of the permafrost layer in Siberia, Kytalyk Research Station.

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Source: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences

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