Marker Wadden: New nature islands in Markermeer

21 September 2016

The Netherlands gets a new archipelago: Marker Wadden. In the Markermeer (Lake Marken) an archipelago of nature islands is currently being built. Marker Wadden ensures that the nature in the area picks up again. This creates a natural paradise for birds, fish and humans.

Marker Wadden is a unique project that enhances the nature restoration in the Markermeer (Lake Marken) through the construction of islands with sand, clay and silt from the lake. The project is an initiative of Natuurmonumenten. The first phase of the projects started in 2016: construction of five islands. Together with the underwater scenery the area will be 750 hectares in size. Their ambition is to make a big archipelago totaling 10,000 hectares. The Marker Wadden is one of the largest nature restoration projects in Western Europe.

Please visit the link below for more information about the project (in Dutch).


Marker Wadden from the air. Photo: Marten van Dijl - Natuurmonumenten

First expedition on Marker Wadden


On Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September, Natuurmonumenten and Rijkwaterstaat organizes the first Expedition Marker Wadden. During this event the visitors can for the first time take a step ashore this latest piece of the Netherlands.

Amterdam Water Science is also involved in this project throwgh the research carried out by the AWS funded pilot project Particle algae interaction in lake Marken, lead by Harm van der Geest.

For more information about this expedition event please visit the link below (in Dutch)


Birds flying over Marker Wadden island. Photo: Marten van Dijl - Natuurmonumenten


Published by  IBED Water