Amsterdam Water Science works together with Amsterdam Green Campus

3 November 2016

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is one of the most innovative and sustainable regions of Europe. To remain competitive innovation is needed and the scientific knowledge needs to be fast disseminated in education and entrepreneurship. Amsterdam Green Campus unlocks knowledge for entrepreneurs, governments, research and education institutions and acknowledges Amsterdam Water Science and its research as part of it.

Amsterdam Green Campus is a regional innovation platform where researchers, educational institutions and entrepreneurs collaborate on innovations and provide the training of talents. On this platform companies with their innovation demand to turn, and strengthen the mbo, hbo and university education each.

Amsterdam Water Science and Amsterdam Green Campus join forces to effectively unlocking knowledge. Amsterdam Water Science unites the expertise of scientists from the Vrije Universiteit and those of the University of Amsterdam in an interdisciplinary program on the biological, chemical and physical processes in water (sea life, water quality, floods and droughts), and social aspects of water management (economics, management, law).

Open the link below and read more about the AGC and its knowledge platform.

Amsterdam Green Campus

Published by  IBED Water