Flood emergency exercise on the Island of Marken

3 November 2016

On Wednesday, 2 November 2016, at 08:15 the mayor of Marken calls on all emergency services for a massive evacuation of residents after a dike breach. Operation Water Wolf has started. This two-day simulation of a flood emergency exercise aims in preparing well for future flooding.

During the evening program NPO2, Hallo Nederland, IVM Prof. water and climate risk Jeroen Aerts, was interviewed about the risks that The Netherlands might face in the case of future flooding events.

"A wake-up call in the media is very important and we have to continuously tell our children about learning to live with the water! We are very proud that The Dutch dams are the strongest in the world and for the moment they represent minimum risks, but we have to look of course also in the long term and be prepared to take the right measures."

You can watch the news item (in Dutch) at the following link.


Published by  IBED Water