Final presentation of AWS pilot projects

20 February 2017

On Thursday, 16 February, the official ending of the seven AWS funded pilot projects took place. In a great relaxed atmosphere all the seven representatives of the projects presented their results and future plans of their research. The seven projects aimed and succeeded in bringing together students, researchers and stakeholders to actively get involved and work together.

The afternoon was opend by Roxana Petrescu, the current AWS coordinator who presented an overview of the past, present and future AWS activities, introduced the seven pilot projects and summarised the involvment of these pilots in the agenda of the third NKWK conference, which will take place on 11 April 2017 at Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam.

The first presentation was given by Danielle de Nie, Commonland who introduced the pilot "Accelerating peat meadow restoration and climate resilience through sustainable business development and integrated urban-rural systems".

Danielle de Nie at IVM

Danielle de Nie, Commonland

The second presentation was that of Ko van Huissteden, VU, who was presenting results from the pilot entitled "Greenhouse gas balance of contrasting wetland restoration strategies".

Ko van Huissteden VU

Ko van Huissteden, VU

The third presentation was given by Elco Koks and was describing the project "Extreme weather and chain effects". The activities of this pilot are explicitly linked to the 'Water resistant Westpoort' project.

Elco Koks VU

Elco Koks, VU

After a short brake the presentations continued with the "Living lab governance system" dinamically presented by Michaela Hordijk, UvA and Maarten Claassen, Waternet.

Maarten Claassen Waternet and Michaela Hordijk UvA

Maarten Claassen, Waternet (left) and Michaela Hordijk, UvA (right)

The afternoon continued with the talk by Bregje Brinkmann, UvA, who was presenting the "Benthic hotspots
in the pelagic zone" topic as part of the "Particle algae interaction in lake Marken" pilot. You can download below the poster of the pilot project.

Bregje Brinkmann UvA

Bregje Brinkmann, UvA

The penultimate speaker was Jasper Stroom, Waternet who was presenting the "Mussel Power: Can the quagga
mussel restrain cyanobacterial blooms in Lake Sloterplas?" project, part of the funded "Can quagga mussel restrain the cyanobacterial bloom?" AWS pilot.

Jasper Stroom Waternet

Jasper Stroom, Waternet

Last but not least, Milo de Baat, UvA, presented the results of "SIMONA:Smart Integrated Monitoring based on Affinity Innovative sampling for  monitoring water quality: passive sampler sorbents". You can download below the SIMONA presentation.

Milo de Baat UvA

Milo de Baat, UvA

AWS would like to thank all AWS colleagues, all students, researchers and stakeholders involved in the seven pilot projects for their amazing collaboration and committment to the projects !!!

Amsterdam Water Science

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