New department ‘Freshwater and Marine Ecology’ (FAME)

2 May 2017

Starting May 1st, the University of Amsterdam has a new department ‘Freshwater and Marine Ecology’ (FAME). The new department is the result of a merge of the two research groups Aquatic Microbiology (AMB) and Aquatic Environmental Ecology (AEE).

The department of Freshwater & Marine Ecology (FAME) aims to increase understanding of the biodiversity and dynamics of freshwater and marine ecosystems from the level of molecules and genes to entire ecosystems. The combination of freshwater and marine research is quite unique, both at the national and international level. The department links fundamental research with societal relevance, with applications in biotechnology, lake and coastal management, climate change, and nature conservation.

New website

FAME also has a new website. On these pages you can find more information about the department's research, scientific staff, research facilities, and educational programme. 

The department is part of the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) and an important partner in Amsterdam Water Science. 

Published by  IBED Water