Netherlands Polar Programme funding for Ype van der Velde

12 May 2017

Hydrologist Ype van der Velde (VU Amsterdam) is part of a multi-disciplinary team of four scientists that have been awarded a total of 1,2 million euro by the Netherlands Polar Programme of NWO (the Netherlands Foundation of Scientific Research).

The team will investigate the influence of climate change in the polar region on invasive species, arctic micro-organisms, and the hydrology of rivers in the Arctic landscape. Van der Velde's research will focus on the influence of permafrost thawing on the hydrology of the arctic landscape and the consequences for the timing of river discharges to the Arctic Ocean.

Earth & Climate

Van der Velde holds a tenure track position at the Earth & Climate cluster (Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, VU Amsterdam) and is part of Amsterdam Water Science.

Source: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Published by  IBED Water