Antarctic krill outcompete each other

6 June 2017

A new paper by Professor André de Roos and colleagues presents evidence that fluctuations in the population abundance of Antarctic krill are the result of competition for food and not because of external climatological events.

The team’s results were published on 5 June in Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Not explained by climate variation

Previous studies have argued that the krill cycle is induced by periodic climatological factors. The results have a far-reaching implication for the whole food web in the Southern Ocean.

André de Roos is professor of Theoretical Ecology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and part of Amsterdam Water Science.

Publication details

A.B. Ryabov, A.M. de Roos, B. Meyer, S. Kawaguchi, B. Blasius: ‘Competition-induced starvation drives large-scale population cycles in Antarctic krill’ (5 June 2017 in Nature Ecology Evolution). Doi:

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Published by  IBED Water