Matching Day ‘Groen Kapitaal’ links research to policy

6 July 2017

Groen Kapitaal (Green Capital) is a programme initiated by the Provincie Noord-Holland. One of the aims of the programme is to set up a Groen Kapitaal Academy. As a first step towards this goal, the province hosted a Matching Day to link questions of policy practitioners to researchers, teachers and students at all levels of education.

The event was co-organised by Amsterdam Green Campus. Amsterdam Water Science is involved as a portal for water related topics.

Groen Kapitaal

With its Groen Kapitaal programme, the Province aims to build stronger connections between nature and society. Amsterdam Green Campus (AGC; a regional innovation platform hosted by the University of Amsterdam) collaborates with the Province to involve educational partners. AGC recognises Amsterdam Water Science as a valuable partner on water related themes.

Matching Day

The Matching Day took place in Amsterdam on 27 June.  In preparation of the event, questions were collected from practitioners from the policy and private domain. During the event, participants brainstormed on possible projects in which to aggregate these individual questions. Examples are how to mainstream biodiversity in climate adaptation, and how to encourage citizen participation in green innovations. Suggested projects will be worked out in more detail, and will be presented at the launch of the Groen Kapitaal Academy in the beginning of 2018. The objective is to build strong connections between researchers, educational institutions and entrepreneurs to collaborate on innovative solutions that strengthen  the three pillars of Groen Kapitaal: a strong green-blue network, a healthy green living environment, and a green economy.

Published by  IBED Water