Waternet offers masterclass series for teachers

8 August 2017

This fall, Waternet organises a series of masterclasses for high school level teachers. Amsterdam Water Science's Jeroen Aerts (IVM-VU) and Pim de Voogt (IBED-UvA) are guest lecturers.

The classes focus on how the natural sciences are applied in the field of water management and to strengthen the connection between education and professional practice. The masterclass series consists of four sessions at different Waternet locations. 

Guest lectures

Prof. Pim de Voogt, professor in aquatic toxicology at the Department of Freshwater and Marine Ecology FAME (IBED-UvA), will give a guest lecture on waste water and sewage treatment on Thursday 2 November. Prof.Jeroen Aerts, professor in water and climate and director of the Institute for Environmental Science (IVM-VU) speaks on climate change and flood protection on Tuesday 28 November. 


10 October 2017: Drinking Water
2 November 2017: Waste water and sewage treatment
16 November 2017: Water management in urban areas
28 November 2017: Climate change and flood protection

Published by  IBED Water