Research Vessel Dreissena sails around Pampus

1 September 2017

On Sunday 27 August, research vessel RV Dreissena was presented at the annual event ‘Rondje Pampus’. Last year, the event provided a great boost to the crowdfunding of the vessel. The ship was was open for visits all afternoon.

Rondje Pampus is organised by Coalitie Het Blauwe Hart to ask attention for the ecological value of Lake Markermeer, Lake IJsselmeer and their surroundings. This year, some 250 swimmers participated in the swim around the island.

Crowdfunding for RV Dreissena

Last year, the event generated a valuable contribution to the crowdfunding of the research vessel RV Dreissena. The construction of the vessel has since been completed and has made its first test drives in the waters around Amsterdam. The well-equipped vessel will be used by researchers from the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED-UvA) and makes it possible to  carry out measurements and collect samples at Lake Markermeer all year round.

Attention on Twitter for RV Dreissena at event at Pampus

Welcomed on Pampus

During Rondje Pampus the RV Dreissena was welcomed by the organisation of Het Blauwe Hart and several interest groups that are active in the Markermeer area. The ship was open to the public all afternoon.

Attention on Twitter for RV Dreissena at event at Pampus

More information on the ship, ecological research in Lake Markermeer and the crowdfunding initiative can be found here:

Published by  IBED Water