Now available: EQA - Green Scholar Game

27 October 2017

Recently, the learning quiz ‘EQA - the Green Scholar Game’ was launched. The questions in the quiz are related to environmental issues, paying special attention to water, climate, economy and ecosystems.

The merit of the game lies in the fact that all questions and answers in the quiz draw upon research conducted by scientists at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM-VU). EQA aims to promote environmental education and increase the collaboration within and across departments in a creative and innovative manner, engaging both students and researchers.

Interactive, fun and comprehensive

By exclusively addressing pertinent environmental topics, provided by leading scientists, the added benefits for the general public include free access to high quality scientific research, presented in an interactive, fun and comprehensive manner, which can lead to effective learning outcomes for the quiz players.

You are invited to play!

EQA can be downloaded as an android app or played online.


Developers Gabriela, Kostas and Kris at the launch. Photo: K. Bischiniotis.

IVM Grand Challenge

The quiz was developed by PhD students Gabriela Guimarães Nobre, Konstantinos Bischiniotis, and junior researcher Kristian Kristensen with the help of special funding provided by the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM-VU) under the annual ‘IVM Grand Challenge’ initiative.

This annual subsidy round is meant to help IVM personnel to organise a workshop, symposium, or carry out another activity that addresses ‘Grand Societal or Scientific Themes’ in sustainability science and to do so in an interdisciplinary way.

Friendly competition between IVM staff at the launch of the game on 5 October 2017. Photo: K. Bischiniotis.

Friendly competition

During the launch of the game on 5 October a brief presentation of the EQA was given by the developers. This official lauch was followed by a friendly competition between IVM staff members. Some twenty participants battled each other on their knowledge of each other's work.

Published by  IBED Water