Hydrologist Ted Veldkamp attains PhD degree with distinction

22 December 2017

In her PhD-research project ‘Water scarcity at the global and regional scales’, Ted Veldkamp investigated both the human and climate impacts on water scarcity worldwide. In her thesis she argues that establishing the most efficient distribution of water across all users (including nature) requires an integrated approach that takes into account the effects of measures on the entire catchment area.

Water scarcity issues are a global problem, with far-reaching consequences, ranging from famine, economic damage and environmental problems. There is an urgent need to develop better ways to deal with water scarcity  and a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms is required.

Vulnerability to water scarcity

Vulnerability to water scarcity is dependent on several hydro-climatological factors, like average water availability and annual variability, but also current socio-economic conditions, like the water demand and the degree of good water governance. In addition, catchments areas are often shared among more than one country, complicating questions on water scarcity by international complexity.

Thesis cover

Veldkamp concludes that an effective selection of management measures depends on which vulnerability factors are most dominant. Is it more useful to aim measures at reducing water demand, increasing water availability, or find ways to deal with temporary shortages?

Adaptation measures can have far-reaching effects, both in a positive and negative way. An integrated approach is therefore necessary, whereby the effects of measures are calculated for the entire catchment area, not just a part of it.

Cum laude

On 18 December, Veldkamp defended her thesis, and obtained her PhD degree with distinction (cum laude).

Ted Veldkamp

Ted Veldkamp has been working as a PhD researcher with the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM-VU) since February 2013. Within the Water and Climate Risk department she has been working on the ENHANCE project under supervision of Dr Philip Ward and Prof. Jeroen Aerts.

Ted’s current research focuses on trends, inter-annual variability, economic exposure and impacts and optimizing adaptation strategies with respect to water scarcity worldwide. Ted is part of Amsterdam Water Science.

Published by  IBED Water