Wouter Botzen on the economy of climate change

16 December 2017

On 15 December, Wouter Botzen held his inaugural address on the economy of climate change and natural disasters, thereby officially accepting his appointment as professor.

To develop effective policies and limit economic effects, we need to increase our understanding of risks associated with climate change and natural disasters. During his inaugural address, Botzen discusses how an interdisciplinary approach can lead to better assessments of these economic risks.

Inaugural address Wouter Botzen. Photo: Marleen de Ruiter

The past decades have shown a worldwide increase in the damage caused by natural disasters. At the same time, climate change will increase the risk of natural disasters.

Damage by natural disasters can be reduced by good preparatory measures, but even then, some economic risk remains and financial compensation needed. How can we ensure better preparation for natural disasters? How can we design insurance models that safeguard broad, efficient and affordable coverage?

Wouter Botzen

Prof. Dr Wouter Botzen was appointed full professor in the Economics of Climate Change and Natural Disasters at the Department of Environmental Economics, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on 1 January 2016. He is Deputy Head of the Department of Environmental Economics and part of Amsterdam Water Science.

Published by  IBED Water