Brenden Jongman receives SENSE PhD Award 2017

5 February 2018

The bi-annual SENSE PhD Award for best SENSE dissertation in previous two years, has been awarded to Brenden Jongman for his PhD research on Unravelling the Drivers of Flood Risk across Spatial Scales (2015) at IVM, VU (with Prof. Jeroen Aerts, IVM as promotor and Dr Philip Ward, IVM as co-promotor).

The awarding jury was Chaired by SENSE Director of Research, Prof. Max Rietkerk (Copernicus Institute, UU). Together with committee members Prof. Jacob de Boer (Head of Environment and Health, VU) and Dr Maarten Krol (Dept Water Engineering and Management, Twente University), the awarding jury’s choice was unanimous.

Some comments from the Jury report on his PhD work were:

  • ... high quality in spatial data analysis. Direct involvement with Red Cross and World Bank; outreach to EU institutions and flood insurance sector... 
  • ... the thesis of Jongman stands out on scientific impact (evidenced by citations) and contribution to solutions for environmental and sustainability problems... 
  • The thesis of Jongman was awarded cum laude (...) Jongman’s thesis and his Nature Climate Change papers received quite some attention in the press...

Source: VU Science

Published by  IBED Water