MSc Freshwater and Marine Biology

The programme is coordinated by the University of Amsterdam and focuses on a better understanding and protection of the world's lakes, seas, and oceans.

The MSc Freshwater and Marine Biology covers the biology, chemistry and physics of aquatic ecosystems. This multidisciplinary track is an advanced study focusing on freshwater ecosystems (limnology) as well as on marine ecosystems (oceanography).

Students in Freshwater and Marine Biology have the possibility to choose from a list of available research projects outside UvA, for the year 2016-2017. For more information, please download the document below.

Research Projects MSc Freshwater and Marine Biology 2016 (outside UvA)

1. Subjects in the Netherlands

  • Decoupling and adaptation of trophic interactions in aquatic food webs under climate change (NIOO)
  • Design of an improved bioassay for antibiotics activity (Waternet)
  • Eindrapportage bestrijdingsmiddelen in oppervlaktewater (Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier)
  • Ecological effects of restoration measures in streams under climate and global change (Alterra)
  • Methods to support Catchment scale ecological system analysis (Alterra)
  • Nutrient removal by using cascades of different organisms (Alterra)
  • The ecology of nuisance-biting insects (Alterra)
  • Harmful Algal Bloom forecasting modeling
  • In depth research into ideal growing conditions in order to optimize gametophyte maintenance, health and growth for the purpose of  large scale sporophyte production
  • Soortenkennis sportvissers in binnenwateren en kustwateren
  • Smart Monitoring: Innovative antibiotics bioassay
  • The ontogeny of behaviour

2. Subjects abroad

  • Marine biotoxins (in New Zeeland)
  • Impact of flood events on sediment resuspension and seagrass viability in Moreton Bay (in Australia)
  • Sediment and nutrient budgets over a subtropical Reservoir (in Australia)
  • Nutrient fate modelling for application of Life Cycle Assessment LCA (in Australia)
  • Mesophotic coral ecosystem (in Australia)
  • Persistence of benthic invertebrates in metal polluted high altitude Andean streams (in Peru)
  • Please dowload below the complete description of all projects.

Published by  IBED Water

16 February 2018