MSc Hydrology

The programme is offered by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and focuses on the hydrological system and its societal impacts: climate change, floods, drought, water pollution. 

As one of the highest scoring programmes in the Netherlands, the MSc Hydrology received the predicate 'top-opleiding'. The programme offers a unique fieldwork course and teaches students to use field measurements to tackle water management issues and estimate economic impacts from changes in hydrology.

MSc Hydrology Research Projects and Internships 2017

Hydrology students have the possibility to choose one of the following projects for their MSc thesis. Below is an informational presentation with available subjects.


  1. Field study in Kenya to water harvesting: Effects of water harvesting systems on water availability and crop production
  2. Risicobenadering voor droogte in Nederland – Regionale pilot bij waterschap Vallei en Veluwe Stage-/afstudeerderonderzoek bij Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe en Deltares (in Dutch)
  3. Using probabilistic weather forecasting in local water management
  4. Internship on extreme precipitation at Deltares
  5. Internship on downscaling global data at Weather Impact
  6. Long term carbon measurements at Horstermeer peatland
  7. Ammonia experiment in Dronten (ECN)
  8. Hydrological model development
  9. Carbon capture and storage in wetlands
  10. Model study "Vosdonk-Noord, Etten-Leur"
  11. Catchment modelling with WFlow, Acacia Water
  12. Model and data inventory project at Deltares
  13. Savanna fire emissions based on native resolution satellite data
  14. Drought and fires in the boreal region
  15. Thesis project at KWR/Deltares on diffuse discharge
  16. Thesis projects related to water security and drought
  17. How does salt affect soil physical properties of peat?
  18. Floating fen hydrology
  19. Remote Sensing Thesis Projects at Transmissivity B.V. (Noordwijk NL)
  20. Assessing the impact of extreme sea level rise on global flood risk
  21. Flood Risk in Calgary
  22. Pluvial flooding and green measures in Amsterdam
  23. Global runoff and sediment modelling
  24. Integration of water quality in regional hydrological model
  25. Thesis projects related to microbiology and hydrochemistry
  26. Thesis projects on aquatic ecotoxicology

A complete description of all projects is available here:

Published by  IBED Water

9 March 2018