Workshop Series on Water Scarcity

Research school SENSE organises a workshop series on Water Scarcity. The workshops are aimed at PhD-level students, but are also open to interested professionals and last-stage MSc students in the water sciences. The series is hosted by the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM-VU) and supported by Amsterdam Water Science (AWS) and the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute (ASI-VU).

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'Monitoring Droughts & Water Scarcity', 27 March 2018

The theme of the workshop is “Monitoring Droughts & Water Scarcity”, and focuses on the measuring and monitoring of droughts and water scarcity impacts.

Keynote speakers are
- Dr Eveline van der Linden, Expert in high-resolution climate modeling at the KNMI
- Mendy van der Vliet, Climate Remote Sensing Analyst and Céline Nobel, Hydrologist and Social and Environmental Applications Coordinator at VanderSat
- Ruben Goudriaan, Remote Sensing specialist and project manager for FruitLook at eLEAF

David Zetland (Leiden University College) returns as moderator.

The plenary session is followed by a hands-on workshop with contributions from VanderSat on the use of satellite data to analyze changes in soil moisture in time and space.

The event will take place at the IVM (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, rooms C-541 & 543) on Tuesday 27 March, starting at 13h. For more information, please find the attached invitation. The workshop is aimed at PhD-students, but other interested professionals are welcome to join.


Participation is free, registration is open now. Register by sending your name and institute to (max. 40 participants). Both SENSE and non-SENSE members are invited to join.

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The workshops are live-streamed to international participants of the SENSE research school. Send an e-mail to register for the live-stream or keep an eye out for instructions on the event page on the SENSE website.

Workshop on Migration in the context of Water Scarcity. Break-out session 1. Photo: Lars de Ruig

'Migration in the context of Water Scarcity', 6 December 2017

The second workshop in the series focused on the topic of migration. The afternoon was moderated by David Zetland (Leiden University College), expert in water policy. After the plenary, participants were challenged to defend opposing opinions on migration and water scarcity. Expert speakers:

  • Dr. Andreas Sterl (KNMI): droughts in Syria
  • Dr. Louise van Schaik (Clingendael International Sustainability Centre): migration and security
  • Dr. Karen Meijer (Deltares): modelling droughts

introduction to Water Scarcity. Break-out session with Dr. David Zetland. Photo: Nadia Bloemendaal

'Introduction to Water Scarcity', 1 September 2017

The series kicked off in September 2017 with an introductory workshop. Three speakers provided different perspectives on water scarcity taking a physical, economic and insurance point of view. The plenary was followed by break-out sessions in which participants discussed how to move from knowledge to action. Speakers:

  • Dr Ted Veldkamp (Vrije Universiteit, IVM): water scarcity risk analysis; 
  • Dr Rupert Holzinger (IMAU, Utrecht University) : the effect of aerosols on our climate and the hydrological cycle; 
  • Dr David Zetland (Leiden University College): water economy and policy.

Published by  IBED Water

7 March 2018